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Why Search Engine Optimization? SEO is the process of making your website more relevant then your competition. SEO has replace the traditional ways of getting a ahead of your competitors in the search results. The days of starting the name of your business with AAA is over, along with the Yellow Pages alphabetical ranking system. Today, search engines like Google look at every aspect of your website to figure out who has more relevance to the search phrase entered into the search engine. It’s important to remember that Google, Yahoo, and Bing’s job is to give users the best search engine experience. Our objective at SEO James is to build up your domain authority. Your business will appear on the first page of the search engine results for your keywords. This is important to your business as 92% of all traffic going to a web site starts with clicks and conversions from the first page in the search engine. SEOJames can accomplish this goal of having your business listed within the first page of the search engines by completing the list of deliverables listed below. We follow these tasks month after month until you surpass your competition and reside in a highly visible and valuable first page position on the search engines. We make your business become a relevant website in search engine algorithms for Google and more. This places your business in front of your targeted potential customers before your competitors.

  • Keyword Research + SEO Package = New Traffic to your website

  • Your website on Page One + More Traffic = New Sales

  • More SEO deliverables + More Sales Conversions = Monthly Sales Success

  • Your Monthly Success + Our Monthly Services = Profitable Partnership