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On TV, someone always seems to say, “You’d better sit down,” before delivering some bad news. But what if sitting down is the bad news? After reading all the health hazards related to sitting too much, here at SEO James, a Florida-based digital marketing agency, we’re standing up on the job every chance we get.  

Searches for standing desks have increased dramatically since the news that sitting for long extended periods is bad for you.  How bad?

Pull Up a Chair

According to WebMD, sitting too much is associated with a higher risk of heart disease, but that’s just the beginning.

Sitting, they say, could be the death of you. Seriously. “You’re more likely to die earlier from any cause if you sit for long stretches at a time,” the health experts at WebMD say. “It doesn’t help if you exercise every day or not. Of course, that’s no excuse to skip the gym. If you do that, your time may be even shorter.”

There are a number of other reasons WebMD says you might want to take a stand. If you sit for extended periods, they report, you are more likely to suffer from:

  • Dementia

“If you sit too much, your brain could look just like that of someone with dementia. Sitting also raises your risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, which all play a role in the condition. Moving throughout the day can help even more than exercise to lower your risk of all these health problems.”

  • Diabetes

“Yup, you’re more likely to have it, too, if you sit all day. And it isn’t only because you burn fewer calories. It’s the actual sitting that seems to do it. It isn’t clear why, but doctors think sitting may change the way your body reacts to insulin, the hormone that helps it burn sugar and carbs for energy.”

  • Back Pain

“The seated position puts huge stress on your back muscles, neck, and spine. It’s even worse if you slouch. Look for an ergonomic chair — that means it’ll be the right height and support your back in the proper spots. But remember: No matter how comfortable you get, your back still won’t like a long sitting session. Get up and move around for a minute or two every half hour to keep your spine in line.” 

  • You’re also at higher risk for cancer, varicose veins and DVT (deep vein thrombosis)


So, what should you do?

“Work more movement into your day,” the folks at WebMD say. Some of their suggestions include: 

  • Stand up and stretch every half hour or so.
  • Take a stroll around the office.
  • Stand at your desk for part of the day. Get a desk that raises or make your own: Set your computer on top of a box.


And, if you’re looking for a stand-up SEO company that can help you take your internet marketing to the next level, give SEO James a call. You won’t catch us sitting down on the job!

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