Alexa, how will the growing number of voice searches impact SEO?

Alexa, how will the growing number of voice searches impact SEO?

Alexa, how will the growing number of voice searches impact SEO?

According to Search Engine Journal, “Amazon has gotten it right with Alexa. This digital assistant does a lot of different things. She isn’t just Siri’s cooler sister. Alexa is Beyoncé to Siri’s Kim Kardashian. Like Siri, a user can query Alexa about facts, such as asking her the capital of a foreign country. More interestingly, one can also tell her to play songs, pay bills, order a pizza, or even call for an Uber ride.”

The increasing use of voice searches using devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home will have a definite impact on internet marketing. We can expect to see a shift from the use of specific keywords to more conversational phrasing.

For example, instead of simply typing “affordable SEO packages,” you might ask Alexa to help you with your search by saying something like this, “Alexa, I’d like to find a company that can help me with SEO marketing but I need something affordable.”

CNET, which tracks the latest consumer technology breakthroughs in order to provide the kind of information and reviews that may help you when you’re trying to decide what to buy and how to get the most out of the tech in your life, says, “More than two years after its debut, the smarter-than-ever Amazon Echo remains one of the best connected home products money can currently buy.”

But when it comes to the increasing use of voice searches, Amazon’s Alexa isn’t the only voice to be heard from in the smart-home category.

Google Home is getting high marks from CNET and plenty of others. If you use Google Map, Calendar and Chromecast, you’ll be tempted to leave Alexa on the shelf. Google Home is equipped with Google Assistant so it can give you personalized responses to your questions and searches. If that doesn’t scare you, you’re probably the kind of person who has a number of smart-home gear – Google Home will be able to interact with them. It’s also good when it comes to entertainment features, sending music and video to your television and speakers.

If you want a device that will keep track of the multitude of lists you’re trying to manage and will remind you to call your Aunt Mable on her birthday, pick up the wings for the tailgate party and drop your car off for an oil change, Alexa might be your gal.

Of course, you could choose to keep your options open. Apple is slated to start selling a HomePod smart speaker just in time for Christmas. This device will take your relationship with Siri to a whole new level.

As the competition in this sector heats up, advances are going to made at an even more impressive pace. At, one of the most affordable search engine companies in the market, we’ll be following developments so that we can help your business stay ahead of the game and on top of the search rankings.

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