Is your online content making the search engines happy?

Is your online content making the search engines happy?

Is your online content making the search engines happy?

Smile when you say that!

It’s been 45 years since George Carlin released his Class Clown album, which introduced us to his monologue on “The Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television.” And, while you may hear many of those words on the airwaves these days, Carlin’s broader points about language and the use of words are still relevant.

“I love words. I thank you for hearing my words. I want to tell you something about words that I think is important. They’re my work, they’re my play, they’re my passion,” he said. “Words are all we have, really. We have thoughts but thoughts are fluid, y’know, like woo woo woo woo POP! Then we assign a word to a thought and we’re stuck with that word for that thought, so be careful with words.

“I like to think that yeah, the same words that hurt can heal, it’s a matter of how you pick them.”

When it comes to SEO – in Florida or California, it doesn’t matter – picking the right words is important.  And it goes far beyond the use of keywords.

Yes, as any SEO company will tell you, keywords are important. But what many of them won’t tell you is that original content is also critically important when it comes to your website’s rankings.

Google frowns on what it refers to as “scraped” content. This is content that is cut from other sites and pasted into yours. The thinking behind the practice is that by increasing the volume of pages on your site is a good thing – regardless of the quality, relevance or uniqueness of the words that fill those pages.

“It’s worthwhile to take the time to create original content that sets your site apart,” Google advises. “This will keep your visitors coming back and will provide more useful results for users searching on Google.”

Examples of scraping furnished by Google  include:


  • Sites that copy and republish content from other sites without adding any original content or value
  • Sites that copy content from other sites, modify it slightly (for example, by substituting synonyms or using automated techniques), and republish it
  • Sites that reproduce content feeds from other sites without providing some type of unique organization or benefit to the user
  • Sites dedicated to embedding content such as video, images, or other media from other sites without substantial added value to the user

As one of the leading Florida SEO companies, we understand this.  In addition to keyword research, competition analysis and data reporting, we can provide your website with a stream of original content that is relevant to your customers – and potential customers!

At, James McCauley leads a team of experienced consultants and internet marketing pros with more than 50 years of combined experience in developing and implementing effective strategies to meet the needs of small business owners and entrepreneurs as well as large corporations, global franchises and government entities. If you would like information about our affordable SEO packages and our ability to generate original content, please contact us at:  +1 561-475-4933 or

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