Online Retail Sales in the Age of Covid-19

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Online Retail Sales in the Age of Covid-19

Having an effective search engine optimization strategy has always been important, but now that people are staying home and doing their shopping online in order to stay safe and healthy, SEO can be even more important.  

Not surprisingly, online shopping is way up since Covid-19 swept the nation. “Online purchases increased year over year and month over month across all business models,” Bluecore noted in an analysis of retail trends in the new normal. 

They had previously released their 2020 Retail Trends report, but Covid-19 made it largely irrelevant. “With the onset of a national and global pandemic, supply chain crisis, and a hard-hit economy, a lot has changed since then,” the company admitted. “The insights and trends that lent to retailers’ original 2020 planning reflect a different time and a different customer mindset.”

The Digital Marketplace

When was the last time you made a date to go shopping with your friends? Did you shop the back-to-school sales at the mall? Have you stopped by your local electronics store on your way home from work to see if they have the latest gadget in stock or are you still working from home and ordering your groceries online? 

According to Bluecore’s analysis of 14.5 billion online interactions between shoppers and the more than 70 retail brands they considered in their new research, “Online purchases increased year over year and month over month across all business models.”

Year over Year Increases in Online Sales (April 2019 to April 2020)

  • Chain Stores: 80%
  • Department Stores: 44%
  • Digital Natives: 53%


Month over Month Increases in Online Sales (February 2020 to April 2020)

  • Chain Stores: 54%
  • Department Stores: 26%
  • Digital Natives: 15%


The research done by the retail experts at Bluecore primarily looked at instances of people shopping for clothing, beauty supplies, pharmacy items and sporting goods as well as certain aspects of the luxury retail market.

It doesn’t matter if your business is in another field, your online sales should be showing increases this year. If your customers aren’t finding you, let the online marketing pros at SEO James help! We have been empowering small businesses across the country with effective SEO and internet marketing strategies since long before anyone heard of Covid-19 – and we’ll be here for you long after.

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