What’s Trending in Online Searches

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What’s Trending in Online Searches

SEO James is even more of a digital marketing agency these days with all of us working from home. Like you, we’re all doing our best to stay safe – and stay sane. 

If you were to ask us what we’ve been searching for online (when we’re not busy trying to help our clients navigate these unchartered waters, that is) you might get answers like, “barbecue takeout near me,” “jigsaw puzzles” and “cocktail recipes using apple juice.” 

The world of online searches, SEO and internet marketing has definitely changed. 

Top Trending Online Searches

According to Google Trends, searches for “recreating famous paintings” have gone up 300%. (If you do not know why this is, do yourself a favor and check out The Getty Challenge). 

Other trending searches for the week of April 2 through April 9, according to Google Trends include:

  • Searches for “how to use clippers to cut hair” went up 140%.
  • Searches for “puppy adoption near me” were up 100%.
  • The number of searches for “virtual wedding ceremony” went up 170% (which makes you wonder how many people were looking for a virtual wedding ceremony before). 
  • The number of people looking for a “Dalgona coffee recipe” went up by 500%.
  • “Living room concert” searches increased by 1,300%, while “binge worthy tv shows” only went up by 200%. (Does that mean we already knew what we wanted to watch or that we’re listening to more music?)
  • Searches for removing gel manicures at home spiked by 1,400% 


And get this – Contagion and Outbreak were among the highest trending movies in March. (Seriously, people?!)

If what you’re searching for is a little help with your online presence or e-business, all of us at SEOJames, an innovative digital marketing agency, want you to know that we’re here for you.

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