Can You Dig It? Online Searches for Gardening Tips Skyrocket

Can You Dig It? Online Searches for Gardening Tips Skyrocket

Like many of you, the talented members of our digital marketing agency have been working from home during the pandemic. And, like many of you, some of our SEO service wizards have been exploring new pastimes since Covid-19 forced us to stay home. 

Our SEO company is based in South Florida, so we are very, VERY lucky. We are not limited to indoor activities – even in the middle of winter. (But we do have someone who has been knitting up a storm while stuck at home. So, if you are in need of a warm, cozy scarf, just let us know!)

If you look closely during one of our Zoom meetings, though, you might be able to see a little dirt underneath someone’s fingernails. 


Gardening Tips Bloom on Search Engines 

If you turned to gardening to help pass the time and to maintain your sanity (there is plenty of research showing that gardening is good for your mental health and for relieving stress), you are not alone. 

“Gardening was listed as the second most popular lockdown activity people planned to do after watching TV, according to a survey by GlobalData market research in May, ahead of cooking, reading and exercising,” Jane Perrone wrote in the Financial Times. 

Perrone, a gardening expert, said that she fielded many questions in the months after the U.K. issued stay-at-home orders, including: 

  • “What food can grow on my windowsill?” 
  • “Where can I get hold of some compost?” 
  • “What leaves can you use as toilet paper?”

We don’t have anyone at our SEO agency who is trying to grow toilet paper (at least as far as we know… maybe they’re keeping it all for themselves), but we are going to look into it!

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