Internet Marketers Having a Ball

Internet Marketers

Internet Marketers Having a Ball

When we say that the online marketing pros at SEOJames are having a ball, you’re probably thinking that we’re having a great time with the uptick in internet marketing associated with the increase in online sales attributed to the pandemic. Good guess. In this particular instance, however, we are talking about tennis balls. 

Yes, tennis balls. 

As we have previously explained, when you work for an SEO company you spend a lot of time online (A LOT!). And, when you are online that much, you are bound to come across some interesting tidbits from time to time. 

Not everything we stumble across is worth sharing. (You don’t really want to know about Rat-Catchers Day, do you?) But you can usually count on getting a smile or picking up a good tip or two when you delve into the content the folks at HGTV post in such prodigious amounts. 

This Is No Racket

One of our recent finds on is a great writeup on creative ways to upcycle tennis balls. They suggest you can use your old tennis balls, the ones that are no longer game-worthy, on these hacks. For some of the ideas, we think you might just want to get some new balls.  

For example, our friends at HGTV (they’re everybody’s friends, right?) let us in on a little secret – you can wrap a tennis ball in tin foil instead of spending money on fabric softener. “The foil will help discharge static, while the ball will fluff clothes for a more even, faster dry. If desired, add a few drops of essential oil to the tennis ball before wrapping and every so often between uses.”

Granted, the ball is wrapped in foil, but still – do you want to put a dirty old used tennis ball in the dryer with your nice clean clothes? Just sayin’.

And, if you would like to fluff up your internet marketing efforts, we would be happy to talk to you about the various search engine optimization strategies and digital marketing services we offer

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