Searching for Signs of Fall

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Searching for Signs of Fall

If your business specializes in sweaters, football equipment or absolutely anything with pumpkin spice, it’s definitely time to be thinking about your internet marketing strategy. The Autumnal Equinox is fast approaching and, in addition to cooler temperatures, lots of seasonal terms will begin showing up in search engines

This year, the Autumnal Equinox occurs on Tuesday, September 22. When most people think of autumn, they think of fall colors and declining temperatures. Here in South Florida, where SEOJames is based, however, it will still be hot and humid. And the palm fronds outside our office windows do not change color. So, what makes it fall? 

The folks at the Old Farmer’s Almanac have an answer. “The word ‘equinox’ comes from Latin aequus, meaning ‘equal,’ and nox, ‘night.’ On the equinox, day and night are roughly equal in length.” So, really it has nothing to do with the changing of the leaves or the need for a sweater.

Searching for the Perfect Balance

If you’re still not clear, the Almanac has more to tell us. “During the equinox, the Sun crosses what we call the ‘celestial equator’—an imaginary extension of Earth’s equator line into space. The equinox occurs precisely when the Sun’s center passes through this line. When the Sun crosses the equator from north to south, this marks the autumnal equinox; when it crosses from south to north, this marks the vernal equinox.”

After the Spring Equinox (aka the vernal equinox), the days get longer because of the position of the earth relative to the Sun. Following the Fall Equinox (aka the autumnal equinox), the days get shorter and the nights get longer. It’s the planet’s position in its orbit around the Sun that leads to the seasonal fluctuations in temperature.

Whatever causes it, all of us here at our boutique digital marketing agency are looking forward to the cooler temperatures that will eventually reach South Florida. We hope you are looking forward to the fall season as well. You might not want to dawdle on fall celebrations too long, though. Before you know it, the holidays will be here! (Which is our subtle way of saying, that this would be a good time to start thinking about you online marketing strategy for the gift-buying season!)

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