Why the Internet is Not Buzzing About the New Fall TV Season

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Why the Internet is Not Buzzing About the New Fall TV Season

If the internet is older than you are, you might not remember the days when everyone got excited about the start of the new fall television season in September. This would have been back in the days when a marketing company might have recommended that their clients consider buying radio ads or investing in a direct mail campaign as an effective way to reach their audience. 

It was a time when someone talking about SEO might have been referring to: 

  • A self-employment opportunity
  • Synthetic engine oil
  • Special equipment option
  • Senior executive orientation 
  • And, if you were living in Canada in those days, you might have been talking about Social Enterprise Ontario. 


The Big Three

Before cable TV altered the entertainment landscape forever, there were only three major commercial networks – ABC, CBS and NBC. , For some reason, no one ever seemed to count PBS. Go figure. (By the way, we are not saying that we are old enough to remember those days, we might have just heard about them from someone much older than we are.)

In those days, aside from the news and, if you were lucky The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, just about the only thing on during the summer was reruns of the shows airing on the big three networks. Not surprisingly, by the time September rolled around, people were desperate for something new to watch! 

Back when you would see TV Guide prominently displayed along with the Enquirer at the checkout line of the grocery store, the debut of the new series of television shows was a highly anticipated event from coast to coast. There was a single week that was designated for the introduction of the new fall lineup, including all the new shows on the Big 3 networks as wellas the season premieres of returning shows. 

Technically, there is still a Fall TV Season. Publications like Oprah magazine, 

Good Housekeeping and Time Magazine still carry stories about the shows that will be returning as well as the new shows that will be airing, but most of us still have so many episodes of shows we are already watching in our que waiting to be binged that you almost don’t want to hear about new shows that you might want to watch. 

 Of course, if you have a favorite TV show – new or old – that you think the team here at SEOJames, a thoroughly modern digital marketing agency, might enjoy, please let us know! There’s always room in the que for one more.

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