Technology Gone Bad!

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Technology Gone Bad!

If there was ever an example of technology gone bad, it has to be the infamous auto-dialer which opened the door to the constant barrage of robocalls that plagues every single member of our SEO agency. Some of our internet marketing pros handle it better than others, but even with our familiarity with tech, none of us are immune. 

Fight Back Against Robocalls

We are not helpless, though. And neither are you! It is time for us to unite, to rise up and say, “We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!” Oh, wait, that’s something else. (For those of you who aren’t familiar with Howard Beale’s iconic “I’m mad as hell” speech from the 1976 movie “Network,” you will find it still has a lot to say to us.) 

But where were we… oh, yes, robocalls. 

Fortunately, the folks at AARP put together some tips for dealing with the rise in robocalls. If you want to “join in the fight,” they recommend that you:

  • Install a call blocker on your phone. “Try a free solution to see if it does the trick. No-cost services from firms such as YouMail and Nomorobo are carrier-agnostic. (Nomorobo is free for landlines but $1.99 a month for cellphones.) Your mobile carrier has free tools, too,” AARP says.
  • The only problem with call-blockers is that they may block some calls that you actually want. AARP says, “It may take trial and error to avoid a ‘false positive,’ the term for a legitimate call that is stopped.”
  • This one is much simpler: “Hang up if it’s a live person calling, as computer-based robocall systems allow. Do. Not. Engage.”
  • If you don’t recognize a number, even if it made it past the call-blocker, don’t pick up. Let it go to voicemail. “If the caller claims to be, say, from Citibank, don’t call back a phone number left on voicemail. Use a number you know is legitimate, such as one on a statement or credit card.”


And we would like to assure you in no uncertain terms that you will NEVER receive a robocall from anyone at our digital marketing agency. If you do receive a robocall purporting to be from SEO James, handle it the same way AARP says to handle the Citibank example above. The safe and secure number to call to reach our online marketing agency is 561-475-4933.

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