Searching for Relief

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Searching for Relief

As you may know, our internet marketing agency is located in South Florida. And allergies have been making people here miserable for months. 

The rest of the country seems to be catching up now, with an abundance of pollen in the air from one coast to the other. 

According to Google Trends

  • Searches for pollen count in Vancouver, WA are up 3,500%
  • Searches for pollen count in Alexandria, VA are also up 3,500%
  • In St. Petersburg, Florida, a little closer to home, searches for pollen count are up 1,200%


Florida is well-represented on the list.

  • In Fort Myers, pollen count searches are up 400%.
  • In Jacksonville, they are up 170%. 
  • In Miami, to our south, searches for pollen count have increased 120%.
  • And they’re seeing an increase of 120% in Melbourne, Florida, to our north, too.


Searches in Florida seem to have peaked in March, according to Google’s data, but ask any allergy sufferer in this area and they’ll tell you that the allergy symptoms are still going strong. 

Here at SEO James, we have come up with a theory as to why our fair state doesn’t seem to be searching for pollen counts as rapaciously as the allergy sufferers in Virginia or Washington State. It’s because pollen season never truly ends here. We have very few freezes, so plants keep pollinating. And we have a lot of humidity, so mold – another major trigger for allergies – keeps growing.  

So, according to our theory, we are searching for info about allergy attacks all year long, unlike our northern friends who have an actual allergy season. In other words, we have a very high baseline. 

And, by the way, according to Google online searches for tissue are up 250%.

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