Black History Month Tech Pioneers

Black History Month Tech Pioneers

The world of internet marketing is always evolving. That’s what can make it so challenging for small businesses to put their best foot forward when it comes to their SEO and online marketing strategies. 

As a digital marketing agency, keeping up with the shifting landscape of search engine optimization and internet marketing is our job. It has really given us an appreciation for innovators, the people who not only instigate change, but instigate meaningful change. 

So, in honor of Black History Month, we would like to tip our hats to a few Black innovators whose accomplishments you may not be familiar with. 

Black Technology Pioneers You Should Know

  • Mark Dean

Mark Dean is an inventor, engineer, and computer scientist who was instrumental in developing the PC,” the folks at Bask tell us. After college, he went to work for IBM, where as a chief engineer, he made significant contributions to the development of the personal computer (PC). 

“When IBM released the PC, the company had nine original patents; Dean was responsible for three of them,” Bask reports. Among his contributions to the development of the PC were the development of: 

    • the ISA system bus, which allows external equipment like printers, speakers, disk drives, and scanners to be plugged into computers. 
    • the first color monitor
    • the gigahertz chip

Eventually, he would end up with more than 20 patents to his name and earn a reputation as one of the greatest tech innovators. 


  • Mary Van Brittan Brown

In the 1960s, MARY VAN BRITTAN BROWN, a nurse by trade, didn’t feel safe when she was home alone in Queens and she knew that she couldn’t rely on the police if she did need help.  “So, she created a device that would help put her mind at ease,” HISTORY reports. That device was a home security system. 

Dean and Brown are only two of countless Black innovators who have touched all of our lives. And here at SEOJames, we salute them.

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