The Most Relaxed Cities in the U.S.

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The Most Relaxed Cities in the U.S.

We think that a great way to relieve stress is to hire a digital marketing agency that can help your business grow. Now, we may be biased, search engine optimization is, after at the heart of pretty much everything we do here at SEOJames, but we think it is a solid argument. 

But when the folks at LawnStarter compiled their list of 2021’s study 2021’s Most Relaxed Cities, the effectiveness of SEO strategies was not to be found anywhere among the 57 key indicators of what they call a “zen atmosphere.”  

Where Can You Go to Relax During a Pandemic?

It’s hard to imagine anywhere being relaxed these days, but the folks at LawnStarter says these places exist. They ranked more than 190 of the biggest cities in the country on things ranging from rates of depression to the share of adults with high blood pressure and the average length of an average workday (which would obviously be shorter if you turned over your SEO worries to a dynamic digital marketing agency).

Another factor they did take into consideration was the number of spas and wellness centers per 100,000 residents. Florida made a good showing in this category, with two cities in the top 3, which does not surprise any of the internet marketing pros at SEOJames, which just happens to be based in Boca Raton, Florida. 

Orlando came in #2, topped only by Honolulu. Fort Lauderdale took the number 3 spot. What do we have that others don’t? An abundance of fabulous resorts with amazing spas, as well as local day spas. Las Vegas and Scottsdale, Arizona – also popular tourist destinations likely to have lush resorts with enticing spas, round out the top 5.

If you are wondering, the cities with the fewest spas and wellness centers are:

  • Grand Prairie, Texas
  • Moreno Valley, California
  • Toledo, Ohio
  • Newark, New Jersey
  • Stockton, California


Of course, for the past year, it hasn’t mattered too much if you lived near a spa or not. But now as millions more Americans are vaccinated every day, we can start to look forward to getting back to things like a spa massage. 

And that brings up something else that, like search engine optimization is curiously missing from LawnStarter’s criteria. We think that having easy access to the vaccine would go a long way to helping even the most stressed-out city to relax.

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