Did you forget something? Essential ingredients for your small business website

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Did you forget something? Essential ingredients for your small business website

You know what they say about first impressions, right? You never get a second chance to make one. A digital marketing agency like SEOJames can drive traffic to your site, but what are those prospective customers going to find when they land on your home page?

According to Retail Dive, 87% of us begin our product searches online. And that figure, they report, is up from 71% just a year ago!

If you want all those prospective customers to have a good impression of your small business, you’ll want to make sure your website

Rolling out the Welcome Mat

If you have a small business, chances are the vast majority of your customers are basing their first impression of you on your website. It’s easy to get caught up in the ecommerce aspects of your site. Don’t get us wrong, those are important, but you don’t want to neglect the basics.

If you interact with customers in a physical location, like a retail shop, professional office or entertainment venue, you’d want to make sure that the entrance is clean and attractive, right? You would want to make it easy for customers to gain access to your building and to find what they’re looking for. If they have questions or need assistance, you’d want to be right there to provide them with the answers and information they need.

Does your website do all that for your online customers? It should!

Getting the Basics Right

Think of your homepage as the entry to your business and ask yourself these questions:

  • Is it clean and attractive?
  • Does it give people a good idea of who you are what you do?
  • Does it highlight the things that make your business special? The things that make you stand out from the pack?
  • Would someone entering your business be able to find what they’re looking for?


Hello? Are You Open?

Have you ever opened the door of a cute little shop and heard the tinkle of a bell? That little bell alerts the shopkeeper, so they can come out and greet you. Other businesses used to put a bell on the counter that a customer could ring when they needed assistance.

Does your website have an easy way for customers to let you know they need attention? Communication is essential, so be sure your website makes it easy for customers to reach you.

  • Is there a clear call to action?
  • Is there an easy way for customers to contact you?
  • And, whatever you do, make sure your contact information is correct!


If you would like more information about online marketing, let us know! There are a lot of over-achievers here at SEOJames, a Boca Raton, FL based digital marketing agency specializing in meeting the needs of small businesses, who would like nothing better than to help you reach your goals.

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